Sunday, October 9, 2016

Welcome rain!

Rain is here. So needed in the island. We've been waiting for it to come for a long time. Now feels like Autumn has truly started.

Yesterday we went to Formentera because my football team played its first match of the championship. Jay also came to help me with the children. It was a nice experience and I'm so happy to share a lot of beautiful moments with them. They are amazing and always make me smile. 

Today we went to Plaisir, a beautiful restaurant in Santa Gertrudis to have brunch. It was full so we shared table with other people. We love to go there and enjoy the smell of the coffee and the tasty comfort food. Totally recommended.

How was your weekend? :)

PS: more pics on my Instagram.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday walk

Nothing feels better than a Sunday afternoon walk. We went to Santa Gertrudis to have a coffee with my parents and then we had a walk around the village. 

There's a nice bookshop, Libro Azul, that has a table on the outside where you can find a lot of books in different languages. You can take one and leave the money in a piggy bank (the amount you want). They use it to help the stray cats.  As you can see, they came to say hi and thanks. So cute!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.